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Protecting basketball athletes from injuries is an important factor that increases the performance of the athlete, increases the sport life and increases the time spent as a quality athlete. The athlete's principle of protection from injuries must be placed in a systematic and effective manner from the time of his first sport.

Children in the period of transition from childhood to adolescence have sensitive motor skills (such as speed, agility, strength and power). Thus, the plyometric training, besides being suitable for the development and improvement of motor performance of jumping and running, can be a serious issue if the training process overdoses. It is therefore important to support the exchange of good practices among sport stakeholders on measures intended to improve injury prevention, to raise awareness of the protection of the health of young athletes.

The general aim of our project is to plan special basketball training for children aged between 10 and 16 years old. The power and agility developed with plyometric training from an early age should be supported by special preparatory training. These exercises should support the muscles most commonly used in splash-based sports, the ties required for a good balance, and the joints with more mobility. In addition to power, all the related joints, muscles and ligaments should gain a high level of flexibility. In time, the risk of disability will decrease in strengthening and stretching parts. Of course, young athletes' desire to gain success in a short time or the success of the coaches should be slowed down. Young athletes should not be expelled from high-level competitions without their biological age and without being fully prepared physiologically. Especially coaches working in the 10-16 age range are required to receive special sports health training in the branch. This training is vitally important for athletes' health.

The project aims to develop practices on how to prevent the injury of young basketball players facing the same challenges in the entire EU region. The specific objective of the action is to share the best practice practices for basketball and protect athletes, especially the youngest, from health and safety hazards by improving training and competition conditions.



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